Antioch Police Facility

Antioch’s 58,300 SF Police Services Complex is situated on a 6.4 acre site and includes both the City’s Police and Animal Services facilities. Since Animal Services is operated by police staff, it has been designed with a staff connection while maintaining separate public and service access. The police facility includes administration, investigation, and support functions in addition to a 22-person holding facility and a 10-lane, 75-foot pistol range.

The building’s plan is a reflection of both the flow of patrol activities within and the clear definition of security zones for the facility’s various public, operational and holding functions. Of particular importance is that while security is maintained, a sense of light and openness is created via an internal courtyard around which the facility functions are organized. The result is a secure but humanized work environment. Particular attention has also been focused on the design of the holding facilities wherein the conflicting issues of personal privacy and direct supervision have been addressed through a circular holding cell design which allows direct supervision from the Watch Commander area.

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Antioch, California


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