Swatt Residence

This project is an architect’s home for a family of five, including three young children in Lafayette, California. The residence is situated on a 1-1/2 acre north-facing site, overlooking a creek, mature oak trees, and the hills of a regional park.

Goals of the project include an open interior suited to family life and entertaining; and a strong connection of the interior to exterior spaces and the natural environment. In form, the house is quiet, restrained, and modern, building on the language of earlier modern West Coast architecture.

Facts & Figures


Lafayette, California

Year Completed




Honor Award.  American Institute of Architects, East Bay Chapter. Swatt Residence, Lafayette, California.  2001.
Citation Award. Sunset Magazine and the American Institute of Architects Western Home Awards.  Swatt Residence, Lafayette, California.  1997-1998.
Honor Award.  National Wood Design Awards Program.  Swatt Residence, Lafayette, California.  1997.

Models & Design

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